A vision for the future

The Club has provided a valuable and needy community service for more than a quarter of a century...
OPBC has a vision
In response to the threat of the closure of the OPBC, and after consultation with interested and affected parties, the OPBC has developed a vision for the future.

It is proposed that an area of land, 1,32 hectares in extent, be ceded to the City of Cape Town by the present owners for the use of amateur boaters living in and visiting the City.

Should the OPBC slipway be closed, there will be no slipway available to the general boating public anywhere in the greater Cape Metropolitan area - a travesty considering Cape Town is one of the world's best-known ports.

The ceding of land to the City of Cape Town would instantly remove all potential conflict from future use of the land and ensure that it remain a facility available to all citizens of, and visitors to, Cape Town.

It is proposed the Oceana Power Boat Club administer the slipway on behalf of the City, as the club has shown a credible track record in this function to date.

Many examples of public/private partnerships
The concept of private management of City property has a number of successful precedents, including Hamilton's Rugby Club and a variety of soccer and other sporting establishments in the Green Point Common area.

In fact, it behoves the City to provide this facility. Pleasure boating in Cape Town has been the responsibility of private citizens since 1974 and clearly the City must take the initiative in this matter and ensure unfettered access to the sea in the future.

The OPBC is cognisant of the real-estate value of its existing site and the V&A Waterfront's need to maximise returns. This must, however, be tempered with the needs of the greater community.

The OPBC has commissioned drawings outlining a proposed solution, designed to meet the needs of the developer while satisfying the requirements of the Cape Town community.

NSRI to be included
These plans provide for a reduced land area to be ceded to the City, whereupon the OPBC undertakes to source funding for the establishment of a new building comprising clubhouse, ablution facilities and NSRI office. The tourism potential of a fresh-fish market would be investigated and included, should feedback justify it.

OPBC has investigated the creation of 100 additional parking bays on Beach Road capable of dealing with the extra vehicular traffic experienced at peak times.
It must be noted that the OPBC has made every effort to ensure the needs of its neighbours have not been ignored. In this regard a letter of support has been received from the neighbouring tenant's association offering their support. This is particularly significant as fishermen tend to rise early and the potential for conflict with a nearby residential area is high.

Membership open to all
Membership to OPBC is open to all for the launching and landing of small craft. It has provided a valuable and much-needed community service for more than a quarter of a century to the greater Cape Town community and its closure will have a profound effect on the lives of many, a number of whom are from previously disadvantaged communities.