Great tourism potential

"Small scale fishing and snoek are part of the cultural heritage of this city."
Alderman Nomaindia Mfeketo,
Mayor of Cape Town
Multifaceted tourism appeal
The tourism potential of the OPBC cannot be underestimated, with the venue having played host to two international powerboat events over the past three years.

Pleasure boating
The OPBC was established 26 years ago to cater for the needs of Cape Town's pleasure-boating community. Membership of the club has grown consistently over time and is open to all.

Ski racing
The OPBC hosts the longest annual waterski race in the world. The event takes place from Cape Town to Dassen Island and back, totalling 79Nm.

A large number of pleasure skiers make use of the ideal boating conditions found at the OPBC.

Offshore racing
The OPBC has hosted two 1.3l International World Championships sanctioned by the world powerboating regulatory authority. These events were accompanied by international press and television coverage.

Junior development formula 500 racing
A junior development programme is in place to introduce youngsters to racing. An outreach programme with local schools is being established to take boating to previously disadvantaged children.

Recreational fishing

Aqua bikes

Rubber-duck racing

Scuba-diving charters