Supported across the board

"It therefore applauds the work of OPBC."
Alderman Nomaindia Mfeketo,
Mayor of Cape Town
Support starts at the top
The Mayor of Cape Town has expressed her concern at the possible closure of this valuable city facility and fully supports any measure to ensure its continued operation.

Support for OPBC crosses all lines
Reaction from those involved in the small-craft boating sphere has been one of unequivocal support for the continued existence of the slipway facility.

SAPS Water Wing
The SAPS frequently makes use of the OPBC slipway for the launch and retrieval of its small craft. With no nearby safe alternative, the SAPS have come out in full support of the slipway.

Rescue services
The universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch make frequent use of the OPBC slipway facilities in the pursuit of academic projects. The nearby Aquarium also regularly makes use of the facility.

Governmental departments
Various governmental departments make regular use of the OPBC launch site. These include the departments of Sea Fisheries, National Parks, and Defence, and even the United States Secret Service (at the time of President Clinton's visit).