No substitute for safety

...the most suitable site for the location of a small-craft launching slipway.
The vast majority of pleasure-boat users are relatively low skilled in the handling of their vessels. The provision of a safe launching, operation and landing site for small craft must receive maximum attention.
Studies carried out by independent parties have shown the Granger Bay region to be the most suitable site for the location of a small-craft launching slipway. This is due to its sheltered position, predominantly from the notorious southeaster.

NSRI concerned about safety of small craft
Possibly no other independent group is in a better position to comment on the safety aspect of small-craft boating than the NSRI. It is greatly concerned that the launch site might be relocated to a place where boaters would have to negotiate the existing breakwater.

Port Captain questions alternative sites
The Port Captain has questioned the rationale for relocating the OPBC site outside of the Granger Bay area. Wind patterns, in particular the southeaster, can play havoc with small craft. Unlike sailing vessels, power boats tend to have shallow keels and low freeboard and are consequently more susceptible to inclement weather. The Port Captain advises that the water zone approaching the harbour breakwater would be totally unsuitable for small power craft in winds any stronger than a mild southeaster.

South African Institute for Small Vessel Skippers
The South African Institute for Small Vessel Skippers, operating under the auspices of the South African Marine Safety Authority (SAMSA), clearly warns of the dangers of siting a small-craft slipway either at the entrance to the harbour or along the Paarden Island coast.