Impact on local boating businesses

The small-boat manufacturing, sales and repair business in Cape Town turns over millions of Rand per annum,...
Cape Town boating business valued at R12 million annually
Small-boat manufacturing, sales and repair businesses in Cape Town turn over millions of rands per annum and are the basis of an internationally recognised industry. The proximity of a suitable slipway is key to the viability of this group of businesses.

Employment directly accounts for hundreds of jobs
Workers employed in this sector tend to have high skill levels and consequently are paid well above average wages. Artisans employed include specialised engine mechanics, fibreglass workers and talented cabinetmakers.

OPBC the only local launch site
The OPBC slipway is the only launch site in the greater Cape Town area located within a reasonable distance of the City that can be used for the testing and demonstration of small craft. The unavailability of a suitable launch site would hamper business's ability to effectively demonstrate boats to prospective buyers and test boats that have undergone repairs.