Existing site under threat

...has provided a valuable and uninterrupted service to the greater Cape Town community for over 26 years.
Present site history
The Minister of Transport granted permission for the establishment of the Oceana Power Boat club at its present Granger Bay site in 1974. Members reclaimed land and established the clubhouse with no financial support from outside sources - a principle continued to this day.

The site, well documented for its safe position for the launching and landing of small craft, has provided a valuable and uninterrupted service to the greater Cape Town community for over a quarter of a century.
In 1989, with the commencement of the harbour development, discussions with the V&A Waterfront were entered into. The V&A guaranteed the continued use of the existing site to the OPBC - until 1998, when the club was told of its lease termination.

OPBC site to be redeveloped
The OPBC has received notice that its present site at Granger Bay will be redeveloped into an upmarket residential area, in keeping with the greater development taking place in the waterfront zone.

V&A has made no provision for a small-craft slipway
Negotiations with the V&A clearly indicate that no provision has been made in its planning for the continued existence of a small-craft launch facility within the greater Granger Bay area.

Limited tenure with existing lease
The OPBC currently operates on a month-to-month lease and has been notified to vacate the site by March 2002.

Negotiations with V&A deadlocked
All efforts at reaching an amicable solution to meet the needs of both parties have failed thus far. The V&A is determined to yield the maximum financial gain from developing the property in question and the OPBC is limited in relocation options due to the unsafe nature of proposed alternative sites.